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Home Was a Dream

April 9, 2024

The initial seed that grew into Home Was a Dream—the third in what is now officially a series of Tim Green novels—was a reader’s comment that they wished the second book had featured “more about Bernie,” protagonist Tim Green’s music-writer father. Over the past several weeks in this space we’ve explored the roots and branches of the new novel, from that initial seed to my realization that Bernie got into rock and roll as a way of rebelling against an overbearing father, to my further realization that Bernie’s father Max (Tim’s grandfather) was a Jewish teenager during World War II, suggesting a trajectory for the story that was at once both daunting and compelling. More recently we’ve delved into the origins of the book’s title (thank you, Jason Isbell). We’ve told the story behind the superb cover designed by my friend Jean-Paul Vest. We’ve shared an in-depth conversation with fellow...

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Cover Me Up

March 28, 2024

Covers are challenging enough without making the job harder on yourself—which I certainly did with Home Was a Dream (coming April 9), by crafting a story that follows three distinct main characters along three distinct timelines. The third Tim Green novel finds Tim digging into his father’s past, only to uncover the shocking truth that...

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March 25, 2024

The title of the new Tim Green novel is a tale in itself. This particular tale begins with one of my favorite songwriters active today: Jason Isbell. The man is a master storyteller whose songs are populated by Faulkneresque characters full of self-doubt and dark corners, either trying to find their way toward the light,...

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Imposter Syndrome

March 18, 2024

The new Tim Green novel—title and publication date to be revealed any moment now—had two chief sources of inspiration. The first was a reader who wanted more of Bernie, Tim’s music-writer father. As discussed last time, thinking about what a Bernie story might look like led me down a logic trail to a conclusion that...

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Deeper into the Forest

March 11, 2024

Some writers do their best to avoid all feedback from readers. I get it; they want to write without letting the opinions and perspectives of others affect the trajectory of their work. Personally, though, I find reader feedback heartening. Whether it’s positive, negative, or some original blend, feedback from readers signals that the story in...

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Jason Warburg

The son of a writer and an architect, Jason Warburg was building worlds in his imagination before he learned to ride a bike.

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