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Summer Thunder

February 12, 2024

For more than 20 years I’ve wondered when the right moment might be to tell this story—and now that moment has arrived.

It happened on a sweltering midsummer Saturday, the kind of triple-digit Sacramento Valley scorcher that transforms sandals from footwear into safety devices. At the children’s swim meet we were attending, every racer would emerge from the pool and make straight for the relative oasis of shade offered by the tents and canopies blanketing the lawn just outside the fenced-in pool deck.

The deck itself was lined on two sides by strips of shade produced by aluminum awnings painted an optimistic white, as if the absence of color might shave an extra half-degree off the sun’s relentless exertions. One strip shadowed a line of three-tiered bleachers where parents watched their children race before thrusting water bottles at them and leading them back to shelter. The other side held a row of folding tables manned by parent volunteers, the organizational nerve center of this end-of-July, six-team championship meet.

Of Being and Becoming

October 2, 2023

Wampus Multimedia publisher Mark Doyon once described my first novel Believe in Me as “a tale of being and becoming,” a phrase of such piercing power and insight that it still rattles around my brainpan on the regular a dozen years later. I didn’t recognize that’s what that story was about until Mark helped me...

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Saving Point Reyes

August 10, 2023

Every book has its own unique point of origin, that Big Bang moment when it first miraculously springs from nothingness into its author’s mind. You just never know when it’s going to happen, which helps to explain why this part of the process is both joyous and exasperating. What’s also true if you’re a writer...

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A Month in Italy (Note by Note)

May 23, 2023

Karen and I try to take a substantial trip every year these days, the occasional global pandemic aside. Travel is a privilege that we've made a priority for the past decade (our “new” car right now is a 2006 Honda Civic) and we recently returned from our longest trip yet, 31 days in Italy. Let’s...

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Every Chapter is a Song

March 31, 2023

Stories with music woven into their fabric have carried many different labels over the years; my personal favorite is “musical fiction.” Still, it can be a struggle to describe stories like Believe in Me and Never Break the Chain in a way that truly captures how central music is to the lives of their characters....

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Jason Warburg

The son of a writer and an architect, Jason Warburg was building worlds in his imagination before he learned to ride a bike.

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