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The Book of Ruth

May 4, 2024

The minute the central story arc of Home Was a Dream came together in my mind, a fresh challenge immediately clamored for attention: how was I going to tell this particular story? The first two novels in the Tim Green series (Believe in Me and Never Break the Chain) are narrated almost entirely from Tim’s first-person perspective; you are inside his head, in the present, experiencing what he experiences. But Home Was a Dream began as a story about Tim’s father Bernie, before growing to also feature Bernie’s father, Tim’s grandfather Max. So: how do you employ your series’ established first-person narrator to tell a story that’s mostly about two people who are, in your narrator’s present, both long since dead? The solution soon became clear, in the form of a supporting character in both previous Tim Green novels: his Aunt Ruth. Ruth is Bernie’s older sister, the alpha sibling...

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Home Was a Dream

April 9, 2024

The initial seed that grew into Home Was a Dream—the third in what is now officially a series of Tim Green novels—was a reader’s comment that they wished the second book had featured “more about Bernie,” protagonist Tim Green’s music-writer father. Over the past several weeks in this space we’ve explored the roots and branches...

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Cover Me Up

March 28, 2024

Covers are challenging enough without making the job harder on yourself—which I certainly did with Home Was a Dream (coming April 9), by crafting a story that follows three distinct main characters along three distinct timelines. The third Tim Green novel finds Tim digging into his father’s past, only to uncover the shocking truth that...

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March 25, 2024

The title of the new Tim Green novel is a tale in itself. This particular tale begins with one of my favorite songwriters active today: Jason Isbell. The man is a master storyteller whose songs are populated by Faulkneresque characters full of self-doubt and dark corners, either trying to find their way toward the light,...

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Imposter Syndrome

March 18, 2024

The new Tim Green novel—title and publication date to be revealed any moment now—had two chief sources of inspiration. The first was a reader who wanted more of Bernie, Tim’s music-writer father. As discussed last time, thinking about what a Bernie story might look like led me down a logic trail to a conclusion that...

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Jason Warburg

The son of a writer and an architect, Jason Warburg was building worlds in his imagination before he learned to ride a bike.

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