In the span of 20 months, Jason Warburg lost his mother, his father, and his job of more than a decade. The day after he collected the last family mementos from his father’s house, the world shut down in a once-a-century pandemic. As he observes in the pointed tones of a veteran ironist and stubborn optimist, “Writers refer to a series of events like this as ‘material’.”

The Remembering: Reflections on Love, Art, Faith, Heroes, Grief and Baseball collects the raw and revealing essays that were born during this intense period along with their precedents, examining with clear eyes and open heart the essential touchstones of one writer’s life: love, art, faith, heroes, grief and baseball. From its origins as an essay collection, The Remembering blossoms into something unexpected—a deeply personal meditation on the joys, pains, losses and gains that fuel and shape our growth as both artists and human beings.


Memory is a Story We Tell Ourselves: A Conversation about ‘The Remembering’

Praise for ‘The Remembering’