My-Heart-Sings-the-Harmony-cover-promo-image-200x302Twenty years in the making, and now it’s here.

My Heart Sings the Harmony: Twenty Years of Writing About Music collects more than 100 album reviews, artist interviews, and essays, most of them first published on independent music review site The Daily Vault.

The pages of My Heart Sings the Harmony are populated by artists ranging from the iconic—The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder—to the niche—Ronnie Montrose, the Jayhawks, Fountains of Wayne, Les McCann, Yes—to the relatively unknown. The book includes a chapter plus devoted to explorations of highly regarded independent artists like Arms of Kismet, Jill Knight, David Corley, Butchers Blind and Casey Frazier.

Album reviews are interspersed with a series of interviews with artists ranging from familiar names like Jon Anderson (Yes), Ronnie Montrose, Danny Federici (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band), and Jonathan Foreman (Switchfoot) to emerging artists like Greg Spawton (Big Big Train), Chris Cubeta, and Jean-Paul Vest (Last Charge of the Light Horse).

Curated from two decades of reviews, interviews, and essays, My Hearts Sings the Harmony sums up this writer’s take on the classic albums, brand-new crushes, and unexpected discoveries that have fired my musical imagination.

So: it’s here, and it feels great. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride so far—and I hope you’ll stick around for much more to come.

My Heart Sings the Harmony is available on Amazon in purchase signed copies directly from the author.