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Thank You*

Thank You*

Believe in Me (Wampus Multimedia, Nov. 29) begins one sunny July morning and ends during the first week of that same November. Which means Thanksgiving does not happen in the book.

Now, when I sat down to write this post – the title having felt inevitable considering the timing – I initially thought I might rattle off a few thank-yous of my own. But there’s already an author’s acknowledgements page in the book itself, we’re just six days away from publication, and enough about me, anyway, right? We’re here to talk story, and these characters… well, to be perfectly honest, sometimes they just won’t shut up.

So, here are a few expressions of gratitude from the characters who populate Believe in Me.  Grant a little license here, and let’s imagine the book ends in December instead of November.  Here is a missing scene from that alternate universe, in which the main characters have all gathered for Thanksgiving at rock star Jordan Lee’s house in the Oakland hills, and are going around the table telling each other what they’re thankful for this year.

Tim Green: I’m thankful for Jordan’s friendship. And that my dad and I could always connect through music, even if it wasn’t always easy. And I guess, looking back, that I’m thankful for Red, because it’s not every day that someone changes your life and you never even learn their name.

Jordan Lee: I’m thankful that people want to listen to my songs. I’m not always sure I deserve it, but it’s what I do, and I’m grateful.

Ray: I’m thankful for the drill sergeant who got me through basic training and the colonel who got me into the Rangers. And for the sweet hotel rooms I get to bunk in now on account of working for Jordan.

Natalie Shaw: I’m thankful for a lot of things this year really so many things that it’s hard to pick just one or two but I guess we have to so probably most of all I’m thankful that I didn’t have to make any of the arrangements for this entire event tonight.  None.

Theresa (Terry) Valenzuela: I’m thankful for the truth, wherever that leads.

Seth Lamiroult: I wanna say thanks to my drums for letting me bash the crap out of you every night. And to my ferret.

Gene Ostrowitz: I’m thankful for that moment earlier when Jordan bent over to pick up that cocktail napkin I dropped. So clumsy of me.

Nicky Frost: I’d like to thank the universe for making me so incredibly good-looking and talented. And to Mr. Rolls and Mr. Royce.  Wait, was that one guy or two?

California Attorney General Francis J. Cassini: What the f#%$ am I doing here? This is your fault, Green.

And so it goes. Happy Thanksgiving!

*Fair enough, I picked a somewhat obscure song title to borrow for my post headline again.  But “Thank You,” by those Midwestern Beatles acolytes The Redwalls, is surely the finest song of that name recorded in recent years, so consider it a musical-education bonus.

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