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‘The Remembering’ is Here

‘The Remembering’ is Here

The Remembering: Reflections on Love, Art, Faith, Heroes, Grief and Baseball—on sale now—grew out of a conversation that began right here. So the first thing to say again today, is thanks.

As regular readers know, that conversation about relationships and values and grief and art, and the feedback loop it created, started me down a path that culminates today. (If you’re interested in learning more about that path and writing process, you can do that here, here, and here.)

As for why you might want to read this book, it’s pretty simple: if you’re curious about the human condition, this book is for you. If you’re curious about why people make things, mourn things, love things or seek things, The Remembering is for you. It doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, or even very many of them, but it does try to ask useful questions. It’s ultimately a book about meeting those moments when life tests us head on and doing our best to turn them into opportunities for growth.

It’s also, not incidentally, an opportunity to share stories about losing my child inside my own house, the parallels between writing a novel and a progressive rock song, the generations-spanning context behind a single hug, and the persistent wonder of grace.

Where You Can Buy the Book

With that, here are the links:

Spread the Word

Finally, Dear Reader, if you feel moved to help spread the word about The Remembering, here are three quick and simple things you can do:

1. Visit the book’s Amazon page and leave a rating and review.
2. Post about the book on the social media platform(s) of your choice.
3. Recommend the book to a friend or family member.

A fellow writer who received a preview copy of The Remembering told me the other day that “you write to your reader like we’re already acquainted.” To me, that’s the whole point of all this: to connect. Thanks for being part of the conversation.

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