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It’s time.

We’ve talked about the book itself, about the music it’s infused with, about the research that went into it, and about a couple of movies that helped bring the story to life. And next time—later this week, in fact—I’m planning to talk about some of the authors whose work inspired and influenced my writing.

But right now, it’s time.

Three weeks from today, Believe in Me will go on sale through four services—Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), iBookstore (iPad), and Sony (Sony Reader). The countdown has officially begun.

So, it’s time.

Time to offer you a first taste of the book, unadorned, with no frills, just the prologue—which I’m calling an “Opener” in true rock and roll fashion—and chapter one. In those 14 pages you’ll meet narrator Tim Green, his horriblest of horrible bosses Francis J. Cassini, the indomitable Officer Bob, Red the flight attendant (who changes Tim’s life without him ever learning her name), and a cameo appearance near the end from two characters who will be among Tim’s chief tour guides as he slips, Alice-like, down the rabbit hole of a touring rock and roll band.

As my mother-in-law would say: “Have fun—but be good.”

Believe in Me excerpt 1 (PDF)

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