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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

…and the three winners of our drawing for a signed copy of My Heart Sings The Harmony: Twenty Years of Writing About Music are:

  • Pete Mancini
  • Jo-Ann Pendolino
  • Aubree Summers

Congratulations to each of you and thanks to all of our newsletter subscribers!

As we edge closer to Publication Day (that would be next Monday, March 21, for those of you playing along at home), here’s one last advance peek, this time at the jacket quotes you’ll find on the back side of the print edition of My Heart Sings the Harmony

“Jason Warburg writes with an unreasonable amount of velocity and heart. My Heart Sings The Harmony is a gentle, funny and thoughtful reminder about why music makes us feel so much, and offers the kind of emotional honesty that we rarely see anymore. Each piece here is like a sepia snapshot of a forgotten time, but one that can be called back immediately in just one note—and it’s in that one note where we feel most at home.”

— Alex Green, editor of Stereo Embers magazine and author of Emergency Anthems

“Jason Warburg is one of the finest music writers out there. My Heart Sings the Harmony demonstrates in a clear, passionate and unpretentious way the process of ‘acquiring musical memories’—Warburg is out to celebrate and share what he loves and why. You’ll more than likely be re-visiting some albums you may have given short shrift to, or searching for a new artist or album that, as Jason puts it, stops him in his tracks.”

— Bernadette Quigley, music publicist, QuigleyMedia & actor

Many thanks to Alex and Bernadette for their kind words. I hope you’ll check out both of these very talented artists—Alex has a new novel coming out later this year and Bernadette just announced that she’ll have a recurring guest role on season 2 of the Golden Globe-winning TV series Mr. Robot!

Last but not least, a number of friends of this blog and its author have asked “How can I help?” First of all, thank you for asking—and second of all, the answer is only a few clicks away. When the official announcement goes out on Facebook and Twitter early Monday morning, share those messages with your own network, and encourage others to help us spread the word. And then later on, once you’ve read the book, if you’re so inclined, leave a review the book’s Amazon page.

See you back here on Monday! (Now, did somebody say something about a chicken dinner…?)

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