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Can of Worms, Opened

Can of Worms, Opened

One of the things that made me want to interview musicians in the first place (a story told in My Heart Sing the Harmony) is that I enjoy reading the resulting interviews so much. Ditto for author interviews, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to sit for an interview about Never Break the Chain. It was a fun opportunity to explore the story behind the story; I think my favorite bit is about sending Tim Green off on a quest in search of his long-lost mother and my recognition that “peeling the lid off that particular psychological can of worms would offer some incredibly rich and compelling story material.”

In any case, hope you’ll have as much fun reading the interview as I did doing it. (And thanks to those who sent in questions!)

As Publication Day approaches, we’re getting down to it. Next week we’ll be sharing an excerpt from the book, and after that it’s on to the big day on September 5.

Last but not least, a reminder that everyone who subscribes to the newsletter by August 29 will be entered in a drawing for one of three signed copies of the book. The sign-up is quick and easy and can be found at the bottom right of this page. Be good and do good and see you again soon.

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