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Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In

Never Break the Chain once again finds Tim Green on the outside looking in.

In Believe in Me, Tim has just lost his father, and longs to find a way into the road family he discovers on tour with Jordan Lee and his band Stormseye. In Never Break the Chain, Tim resolves to track down his long-absent mother at the same time he’s propelled headlong into the midst of a new kind of family, one that this time is both metaphorical (a band) and literal (the band’s new lead singer is the son of the lead guitarist).

The opening chapter of the new story immediately embeds Tim in his new environment and introduces four characters: Blake Saunders, guitarist and bandleader of the aging arena rock band Empire; Reg Pill, the band’s longtime manager; Mal Saunders, Blake’s 18-year-old son and Empire’s new lead singer; and Jane Saunders, Blake’s daughter and Mal’s younger sister. Each will, in their own way, play a vital role in the story that unfolds from there.

Without further adieu, here’s a look inside Never Break the Chain.

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