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Drawing Winners, Jacket Quotes & You

Drawing Winners, Jacket Quotes & You

Thanks to all who entered our drawing for one of three copies of the new Tim Green novel Never Break the Chain. The winners are:

  • Melissa Arian
  • Kristine Waldenburg
  • and an unidentified third winner who hasn’t replied to my email yet… (hint hint)

As we rush headlong toward Publication Day next Tuesday, September 5, here’s a peek at one part of the book you haven’t seen yet: the back cover.

If you’ve read the excerpt we shared earlier this week, you’ve already met the guitar featured above. The conventions of dramatic form would suggest that a notable object introduced in the early going is fated to reappear later in the story; more I cannot say.

In the meantime, it’s a pleasure to share the pair of quotes featured on said back cover, from two of my own favorite artists. First is the poet Viola Weinberg, who in addition to being past Poet Laureate of the City of Sacramento, used to hang out with the rock stars while working at KZAP, Sacramento’s original free-form radio station. Next is Greg Spawton, co-founder, songwriter and bassist for Big Big Train, the stupendously talented British progressive rock collective. Each contributed to this book in ways beyond description.

“Rock writer Jason Warburg ties up some loose ends with his latest Tim Green novel, Never Break the Chain. His charming protagonist is still threading the road to self-knowledge by poetically and amusingly examining the lives of others in this tale of excess and success. Best of all, a turn in the story resolves the mystery of who Tim Green really is. It’s the magic of music that takes us there, along with Warburg’s very entertaining style.”

 — Viola Weinberg, Poet Laureate emerita of Sacramento & former KZAP FM News Director

“A beautiful book… Never Break the Chain is a novel about family life and the ties that bind people together. It is not easy to write about music and the life of musicians in a convincing way, but Jason Warburg never misses a beat. Warburg understands how music can play a major part in the staging posts of people’s lives.”

— Greg Spawton, co-founder & songwriter, Big Big Train

Thanks to Viola and Greg for their kind words, and also to each of you who have asked “How can I help?” The answer is simple: when you see posts promoting the book next Tuesday and beyond, share them with your own friends and networks. And then later on, if you’re so inclined, leave a review the book’s Amazon page. Like so many things in this social media age, it’s all about word of mouth. Thank you, thank you.

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